Heavy machinery sample inspection reports

Smart investments start with thorough inspections. Before buying used heavy machinery, it is essential to inspect it in advance. But where do you start and what should you definitely not forget?

The easiest way is to entrust this task to technicians who are familiar with it. We at Mevas have specialised in the inspection of used heavy machinery and are very familiar with the functions and weak points of the individual machines.

Depending on the machine type, we have created an individualised inspection form, which the technician checks step by step and tests the machine.

To give you an idea of our inspections, we have published some sample reports on our international website www.mevas.net. This will give you an impression of our service and help you decide whether you would like to commission us with an inspection. The team of Mevas would be happy to help you.

Are you looking for free test documents for construction machinery and commercial vehicles? Welcome to our website. Here you will find information about checklists for construction machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, crushers, cranes and bulldozers. Now to the second question: are there free checklists for used construction machinery? Unfortunately no. At some point, someone has created such checklists with a lot of effort and time. So why should these be distributed for free? You are cordially invited to take a look at our linked test documents for used construction machinery. You can design your own forms using our checklists, that’s no problem at all. Please note that you are not allowed to simply copy our machine test documents. This would be a violation of our copyright. However, the easiest way is to order a construction machinery inspection from us. You will then receive a completed checklist from the inspector.

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