Expert Used Heavy Machinery Inspections Across Europe

Know what you are buying

Are you considering purchasing used heavy machinery in the UK or Europe? Make an informed decision with Mevas’ comprehensive inspection services.

Often you can’t find used machines around the corner. The search for capital goods on the Internet has become normal. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Either you travel there yourself or you send a mechanic the long way. A better option is sometimes to book an affordable and professional service and safe the day.

Used Caterpillar machine for sale? Get it inspected by our experts.

Experience you can hire

Why would you use Mevas technicians, of all people, as inspectors? We are machine inspectors since 2006. Many important companies trust in our expertise. We work for Ritchie Bros. and Caterpillar-Financial, among others. We inspect second-hand machines for Arcelor Mittal. International dealers of Komatsu, Liebherr and Caterpillar use our service.

Dan Evans, managing the UK business of Mevas including Ireland

What does a Mevas inspection include?

We check a machine as if we were buying it for ourselves. What things need to be repaired to enable durable and safe operation? Did the seller try to hide defects with paint or tricks? Are the operating hours on the counter correct? Do all the assemblies work and is the performance right?

The inspector works through a checklist. This ensures that he does not overlook any subassembly. A test of the functions and a check of the oil and coolant are also part of the process. An expert opinion comes with many photos and some short videos.

Our inspections leave no stone unturned. We meticulously evaluate each machine, identifying potential issues and hidden defects. From mechanical components to operational performance, we ensure a thorough examination.

We inspect earthmovers and lifting equipment of any size.

We cover with our inspectors all of UK. Inspections and Machinery Evaluations can be done in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Ireland is no problem as well and of course we cover mainland Europe.

What is your benefit with Mevas?

We do not want to sell you a machine and look at the condition as an independent third party.

As an impartial third-party inspection service, our sole focus is on evaluating machine condition. With local inspectors across the UK and Europe, we offer cost-effective solutions, saving you time and money compared to traveling for inspections. Plus, our prompt availability ensures quick turnarounds, giving you peace of mind in your purchasing decisions.

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