Inspections for used cranes

When does it make sense to inspect a used crane? Who can inspect a crane?

It makes a lot of sense to inspect a second-hand crane before buying it. An expert should take a close look at the condition and write a report about it. This allows you to avoid risks when buying from unknown dealers.

It also makes sense to have a crane inspected before and after long-term rental agreements. You can use it to carry out a before-and-after analysis and talk to the tenant if the crane is not in working order after the end of the rental period.

If a crane is on a long-term lease, it may make sense to periodically inspect the crane. This way you can avoid receiving a crane back in very poor condition at the end of the leasing period. In the worst case scenario, the tenant will not be able to pay and will not be able to pay for the repairs to this crane.

UK crane inspections for used mobile and crawler cranes

We have crane inspectors available in the UK, Northern Ireland, Ireland and almost all European countries. Our specialists inspect mobile cranes, all-terrain cranes (ATT), lattice boom cranes, crawler cranbes and even cranes in workshops.

We inspect Liebherr, Manitowoc, Grove, Terex, Demag, Krupp, PPM, Tadano-Faun and any other brand.

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