Mevas machinery valuation projects

Machinery Valuation jobs performed by Mevas

On this page you can see some of the projects that we have successfully completed in recent years in regard of heavy machinery valuation. The list is not complete. Some customers don’t want to appear. Our main office is in Germany. However, we are active in many countries and have local inspection teams. Depending on the size of the project, we decide which inspectors and which management people will take part in an assessment. For larger projects, a local inspector and a German member of management will usually be on site. For smaller projects, the inspection is carried out by the local inspectors and the team in Germany takes care of the assessment. By the way, on our international website you can find all projects with a detailed description. There you can also see the Google reviews that our customers give us.

  • 2024 Apprail of a fleet of large trucks and loaders in a Gold Mine in California
  • 2023 Asset valiuation of 45 underground mining machines in Bosnia
  • 2023 Valuation of a fleet of 39 cranes plus 20 telehandlers in Senegal
  • 2022 Appraisal of 92 machines for the Katanga Frontier mine in Congo
  • 2021 Our first year with inspection of over 700 used construction machines
  • 2020 Inspection of more than 400 used machines for Equippo
  • 2019 Valuation of 180 used heavy machines in Qatar
  • 2019 Inspection of 125 machines of Manchester Waste Recycling Management on behalf of SUEZ
  • 2018 Zero-Audit for all rolling equipment at the European Space Center in Kourou (Ariane)
  • 2017 Inspection of 150 used bulldozers in Gabon from a deforestation project of OLAM
  • 2016 Quarry Equipment valuation / appraisal for Hartsteinwerke Burgk (Basalt AG)
  • 2015 Appraisal of 85 railway excavators, loaders and welding units for Sersa Rail Construction
  • 2014 Appraisal of a complete quarry: haulers, shovels, crushers, screen plant and workshop

Other valuation projects

It is impossible to list on these pages all the projects we have carried out. Mevas has been working as an appraiser since 2006. We evaluate used machines, damaged machines for insurance or we carry out an evaluation on behalf of the financing bank. In some cases, we have evaluated the entire fleet of construction companies. This is necessary, for example, if the company is to be sold or if there is a need for succession planning. A valuation of assets is often necessary, especially for intra-group sales. Since we only deal with machines and vehicles in the construction industry, we know exactly how such a project needs to be carried out. We are able to carry out valuation orders in a manageable time and at a fair cost. If you are interested, we look forward to your inquiry. Our management speaks English and other foreign languages.

Machinery Valuation for construction and mining equipment

In which cases is an external valuation for heavy construction machinery required?

External valuations for construction machinery and vehicles may be required in various situations, including:

  1. Asset Acquisition or Sale: Companies may need external valuations when buying or selling construction machinery and vehicles to determine fair market value and ensure transparency in transactions.
  2. Financial Reporting: Companies often require external valuations for construction machinery and vehicles as part of their financial reporting processes, particularly for balance sheet purposes or when preparing financial statements.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Insurance companies may request external valuations to assess the value of construction machinery and vehicles for insurance coverage purposes. Accurate valuation helps ensure adequate coverage in case of damage, loss, or theft.
  4. Asset Management: External valuations assist companies in managing their assets effectively by providing insights into the current market value of construction machinery and vehicles. This information helps in strategic decision-making related to asset replacement, disposal, or investment.
  5. Loan Collateral: When seeking financing or loans, companies may use construction machinery and vehicles as collateral. External valuations are often required by lenders to determine the value of the assets being used as security.
  6. Taxation Purposes: External valuations may be necessary for taxation purposes, such as determining property taxes or assessing depreciation schedules for construction machinery and vehicles.
  7. Litigation and Dispute Resolution: In legal proceedings, external valuations may be required to resolve disputes related to asset ownership, damages, or compensation claims involving construction machinery and vehicles.
  8. Merger and Acquisition Transactions: During merger and acquisition transactions involving companies in the construction industry, external valuations of machinery and vehicles help stakeholders understand the value of assets being transferred or acquired.
  9. Lease or Rental Agreements: When leasing or renting construction machinery and vehicles, parties may require external valuations to establish fair rental or lease rates based on the current market value of the equipment.

Summary for appraisal requirements

In summary, external valuations for construction machinery and vehicles play a crucial role in various aspects of asset management, financial decision-making, risk assessment, and compliance with regulatory requirements in the construction industry.

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